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“Champagne helps fill you with wonder”

George Sand

The Goussard family first put down roots on the slopes of the hills of the Côte des Bar several generations ago. With lots of courage, and plenty of patience, the family has been able to build their business around the village of Riceys over the years and create a champagne full of character, Champagne GOUSSARD, which today is distributed under three different brands: DIDIER GOUSSARD, GUSTAVE GOUSSARD and OCTAVE GOUSSARD.

Our products, our champagnes, our brands

A brand aimed at private individuals and wine enthusiasts.

(TERRA VITIS certification and VIGNOBLE et DÉCOUVERTE label).

A brand that brings together classic and more playful champagnes as well as vintages from particularly good years

(TERRA VITIS certification).

A brand made from grapes grown on vines in line with organic specifications

(BIO certification).

Since 2008, Marie-Hélène GOUSSARD has been welcoming foodies and wine enthusiasts to the Champagne GOUSSARD site in the picturesque village of Riceys. She takes them on a tasting journey that amazes amateurs and connoisseurs alike. With the “Vignoble & Découverte” label, Champagne GOUSSARD finally received the recognition that they deserve.



generations of winemakers


exceptional brands


years of maturation in our cellars


years of making champagne


treatment frequency index 2023*

* for a regional TFI reference of 18.35

The TERRA VITIS certification is based on the following elements:

Environmental commitment: As the first pillar of sustainable development, respecting the environment is an essential commitment of the Terra Vitis approach.

Social responsibility: Part of producing responsible wines is making sure that everything possible is done to ensure the well-being and safety of everyone involved in the process. This is something that Terra Vitis checks for each of their certified producers.

Economic sustainability: In the wine sector, the transmission of a living and sustainable business to future generations is a crucial issue and an essential point for winemakers committed to this certification.

Organic winemaking respects, maintains and improves soil, preserves water quality and promotes biodiversity.

It protects the environment (groundwater tables, fauna and flora).

By paying close attention to the life of micro-organisms in the soil, winemakers can improve the rooting of their vines and, as a result, the expression of their terroirs in their wines.



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